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Dear Visitor,

A warm welcome to Greentech logo 2.0!
Change is the only constant in life” and we are not an exception to this rule. It’s a pleasure and an honour to present to you Greentech 2.0 – a change for the better that you will simply adore! The changes are in our presentation in addition to the explicit focus on specific industries. Be rest assured, at the core we are the same Greentech that you all welcomed, encouraged, benefited from and admired since its inception in 2009.

Having charted an interesting journey with several successful projects, we felt it important to somehow reflect these experiences in our brand. And we found the best way to reflecting these experiences was to redesign the most important element of our brand – our logo. The result is a logo that signifies maturity, stability, agility, conciseness, precision, innovation and sustainable growth.

Our explicit focus on the specific industries of Education, Financial Services, Government & Infrastructure, Healthcare and Hospitality & tourism is a result of your expectations from us. With this explicit focus, we offer specific solutions that are based on general & emerging global and locally relevant technology trends in respective industries. We have done our research so that you don’t have to waste your time.

In addition to all this, we taken a vow that we will keep this website dynamic and updated at all times with the latest-and-greatest happenings at Greentech. Of course, we will be informing you via emails and other communication media, but do watch out this space for news, white papers, case studies, and many more resources that are in the pipeline.

Our entire team at Greentech joins me in thanking you for all the support and we shall continue to put in efforts with the objective of enjoying the same in times to come!

We will be eagerly waiting to hear any feedback/comments from you while you enjoy your visits to our website.

Warm regards,

Deepak Jain
Chief Executive Officer

Latest updates

Clients avoid planned downtime!
Infra team upgrades VMWare ESXi 4.1 to 5.1 to optimize performance and availability. Vcenter DRS helps avoid planned downtime with automatic load balancing.
Open Source enhances service quality!
Infra team implements NetXMS, an Open Source platform for monitoring software and heterogeneous devices. Reduced costs and enhanced service quality.
Client celebrates 365 days of stability, performance & features!
Along with the Client, Apps team celebrates 365 days of stable, highly-available, easy-to-use and feature-rich e-Government platform. Congratulations. Way to go!
Reduced carbon footprint!
Infra team implements unified communication solutions. Clients reduced carbon footprint by avoiding travel and commence establishing deeper relationships with global partners.

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